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"Bea understands that equity is more than a word, equity is hard governance work, equity is translating her passion into actions for change."

Learn more about my background, policy positions and leadership style. Big thanks to the Patch for doing this!

Join us for a celebration of all the volunteers and supporters on team Bea!

“Beatriz would bring expertise on construction and building issues that would be a huge asset on the Council.”

Thrilled to win the support of this grassroots group fighting for a more inclusive Somerville! Read my questionnaire response here.

"We need a person with vision, fairness, compassion, and the leadership skills to help us craft and execute a plan for success. Beatriz Gomez Mouakad is that person."

Endorsement: José Massó III

Deeply appreciate the support of my former Massport colleague and fellow Latino advocate.

A quick introduction to my background and policy priorities

Read the Somerville Journal story and our full statement (included in article)

It’s time to legislate our values. I’m proud to take this pledge and affirm my commitment to bills that would advance equity and build a more just America.