I’m a Puerto Rican-born architect with 25+ years’ experience in construction, sustainable buildings, land use planning and project management. I’m also a homeowner and a mom with two children in the Somerville Public Schools.

Our city is changing fast, displacing many people and small businesses, and COVID has deepened inequality and left many families in crisis. Climate change also poses urgent threats.

Somerville has been my home for 18 years, and I love this community. I want to put my professional and personal skills to work to build a more equitable, sustainable future for all of us.


I believe diversity is our strength, and community is our power.

Together, we can tackle our greatest challenges:
• Affordable housing
• Climate action
• Street safety and accessibility
• Inclusive COVID recovery
• School equity and infrastructure

I will work tirelessly to ensure that people of all backgrounds and incomes can thrive in Somerville, and that our City government is truly representative.

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